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Garden Goods CC was started in August 2008 by Ryan Hermanson and his wife Nicola.

We started with an online shop selling seeds and bulbs, and this online shop grew into a comprehensive range of gardening related products, with the biggest range of seeds on any South African shopping website!

Garden Goods CC grew over time into a wholesaler of seeds and fertilizer, mainly focused on the agricultural sector, and nowadays a producer and wholesaler of plants and trees at our nursery in Northriding, Jo'burg, SA.

Our wholesale plant and tree nursery is a job creation project, that if successful will keep providing many jobs for residents of Cosmo City for many years to come... we currently have around 20 employees who live in Cosmo City! The idea is that we do FREE Garden Clean-ups and FREE Landscaper Plant Pick-ups, which increases our stock of plants, and in turn provides a service to our clients... also, because we have low input costs in producing fully grown plants, we can then sell them cheaper to landscapers and nurseries... and this will hopefully be a long-term sustainable job creation project that can be applied to ALL areas of South Africa, maybe even the world :)

We always love hearing constructive feedback from our customers, so feel free to contact us with any thoughts or suggestions.

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