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TRADE user management

Trade users have extensive functionality over and above that of public users. You may upgrade/register as a trade user, but this additional functionality will not be available until your application has been approved. Trade users represent, growers, wholesalers, retailers, municipal/government buyers, landscapers, farmers and property developers. 

Subscription fees to this site are dependent on the functions you use.

As a TRADE browser the service is free of charge.

To host your stock for sale, there is a hosting fee of R100. Email your current availability list today.  

Once you have successfully registered as a trade user you will be able to:

  • Browse TRADE ONLY stock
  • Create and manage trade and retail stocklists
  • Receive trade and retail enquiries based on these lists
  • Manage contact lists and email them your stocklists
  • Upload a custom stocklist document!
  • Control Retail/Trade access to your stock


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