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Echinacea purpurea : fact sheet

Species nameEchinacea purpurea
Common name/sEchinacea ,GREEN ENVY ,pink rudbeckia ,Purple coneflower
DescriptionEchinacea purpurea Echinacea, CONEFLOWER - GREEN ENVY, Herb, Seed from Ball Straathof Erect Herbaceous Perennial

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Plant Area
SourceExotic to South Africa
Endemic toExotic to South Africa
Plant size and micro-climate
HeightLess than 80cmWidth Less than 50cm
SunFull sunWaterLittle water, Drought-tolerant once established
HardinessHardyCoast friendlyNo
Plant appearance and usage
TypeErect - Perennials
UsageHerbs/Flavouring ,Edible Flower ,Edible Root/Tubers ,Traditional Medicine ,Attract Butterflies ,Attract Birds
FruitInconspicuous or No Fruit
FlowersFlowers-Good cut flower ,Flowers Particularly Smelly ,Combo Tones Yellowish/Whitish/Creamy ,Combo Tones Yellowish/Orangeish/Redish/Pinkish
Flower seasonSummer (Nov.-Feb.) ,Autumn/Fall (Mar.-May)
FeaturesUsually grown as a Perennial
Plant suppliers
Ball Straathof Johannesburg0117942316
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