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Lavandula x intermedia : fact sheet

Species nameLavandula x intermedia
Common name/sLavandula Lavandine ,LAVENDER - ENGLISH, MARGARET ROBERTS,
DescriptionLavander Lavandine, LAVENDER - ENGLISH, MARGARET ROBERTS,

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Plant Area
Endemic toHybrid
Plant size and micro-climate
Height Less than 150cmWidthLess than 300cm
SunFull sunWaterNeeds average water
HardinessFairly hardyCoast friendlyYes
Plant appearance and usage
TypeShrub Medium - Below 150cm ,Shrubs All
UsageHerbs/Flavouring ,Attract Butterflies ,Attract Birds ,Attract Bees
FlowersBlueish/Purple/Mauve/Violet/Lavender/Lilac Tones ,Flowers Particularly Fragrant
Flower seasonSpring (Sept.-Oct.) ,Summer (Nov.-Feb.)
FoliageEvergreen ,Foliage blueish/greyish/silverish above
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Malanseuns - Pleasure PlantsPretoria012 549-2128
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