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Capsicum pubescens Tree Pepper : fact sheet

Species nameCapsicum pubescens Tree Pepper
Common name/sTree Pepper
DescriptionTree Pepper, Erect Pernnial Herbaceous

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Plant Area
SourceExotic to South Africa
Endemic toExotic to South Africa ,Central Americas
Plant size and micro-climate
HeightLess than 300cmWidthLess than 160cm
SunFull sunWaterNeeds average water
HardinessFairly hardyCoast friendlyYes
Plant appearance and usage
TypeErect - Perennials
UsageVegetables ,Edible Fruit/Berries/Capsules/Seeds
FruitFruit particularly attractive ,Fleshy Fruit/Seed ,Redish/Pinkish Tones ,Edible
FlowersCombo Tones Bluish/Purplish/Whitish/Creamy
Flower seasonSummer (Nov.-Feb.) ,Autumn/Fall (Mar.-May)
FeaturesUsually grown as a Perennial

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