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Acer trifidum : fact sheet

Species nameAcer trifidum
Common name/sTrident Maple
DescriptionRefer Acer buergerianum Tree

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Plant Area
SourceExotic to South Africa
Endemic toExotic to South Africa
Plant size and micro-climate
SunFull sunWaterLittle water, Drought-tolerant once established
HardinessFairly hardyCoast friendlyYes
Plant appearance and usage
TypeTree Small - below 700cm ,A tree
UsageContainer/ Pot Plants/Patio plants
FruitDry Fruit/Seed
FlowersFlowers Inconspicuous or No Flowers
Flower seasonTell us
FoliageDeciduous ,Foliage In Autumn red/brown/orange/yellow above
Plant suppliers
Garden Goods Johannesburg0716719324

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