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Nerine bowdenii : fact sheet

Species nameNerine bowdenii
Common name/sCape Flower ,Guernsey Lily ,Japanese Spider Lily ,Large pink nerine ,Nerina
DescriptionCape Flower Erect-Herbaceous

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Plant Area
SourceIndigenous to RSA
Endemic toRSA-East Coast Semi-arid Scrub - Year Round/Summer Rain ,RSA-High Veld Grasslands/Montane - Summer Rain
Plant size and micro-climate
HeightLess than 80cmWidthLess than 25cm
SunFull sunWaterLikes dampness
HardinessFairly hardyCoast friendlyNo
Plant appearance and usage
UsageContainer/ Pot Plants/Patio plants
FruitDry Fruit/Seed
FlowersRedish/Pinkish/Maroon/Scarlet Tones ,Flowers Particularly Attractive
Flower seasonSummer (Nov.-Feb.) ,Autumn/Fall (Mar.-May)
FoliageDeciduous ,Leaves strap/grass/sedge/flax/-Ornamental

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