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Lactuca sativa Lactuca sativa Lettuce : fact sheet

Species nameLactuca sativa Lactuca sativa Lettuce
Common name/sBlaarslaai ,Lettuce
DescriptionLettuce, Vegetable, Low-growing Annual Herbaceous

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Plant Area
SourceExotic to South Africa
Endemic toExotic to South Africa
Plant size and micro-climate
HeightLess than 50cmWidth Less than 50cm
SunFull sunWaterNeeds average water
HardinessFairly hardyCoast friendlyNo
Plant appearance and usage
TypeLow-growing Biennials
UsageVegetables ,Edible Fruit/Berries/Capsules/Seeds ,Edible Leaves ,Edible Syrup/Sap/Oil ,Traditional Medicine ,Attract Butterflies
FruitInconspicuous or No Fruit
FlowersYellowish/Orange/Gold Tones
Flower seasonSpring (Sept.-Oct.) ,Winter (June-Aug.)
FeaturesSap Milky ,Usually grown as an Annual
FoliageDeciduous ,Foliage Particularly Attractive

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